Welcome to Solva Harbour Society

We believe the idea to form a local boat owners co-operative began in 1965 but it wasn’t until February 1969 that a group of local boat owners got together and formed the Solva Boat Owners Association. Since then it has flourished and now has a membership of 150. After purchasing Trinity Quay in 1986 from the Solva Quay Company they went on to purchase the Sand Quay in 2007 from PCNP. From 1988 they set out a lease from the then Dyfed County Council along with the Pembrokeshire Coast National park to manage and control Solva Harbour and the foreshore car park and then in 2009 took out a 15-year lease with The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (The Crown Commissioners) to manage Solva harbour.

Panoramic View of Solva Harbour

Panoramic View of Solva Harbour

In 2003 the top floor of the old Nuffield building was rebuilt and a licensed café opened and in 2009 the old Spiller’s shed was demolished and rebuilt.

From 29th April 2020 we became a Community Benefit Society changing from the Solva Boat Owners Association to the Solva Harbour Society Limited.

Our aim is to protect, maintain and improve the facilities in the harbour so that locals and visitors may enjoy the wonderful harbour we have which we are sure is envied by many. We hope it is a legacy that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.