Vessels alongside quay/clubroom 24        
Vessels alongside Sand Quay 18        
Transit visitor moorings 18        
Loading/landing from quay   35      
Canoe, kayak, SUP, on racks – can launch from main slip if Visitor sticker on craft     35 110 35
Running mooring   20 100 200  
Rubber bubble in Lifeboat shed     35 110 35
Quay space up to 16ft *, per foot   14 50 100 8
Quay space 16ft and over *, per foot   16 55 120 8
Winter storage on quay, sand quay or foreshore car park (plus lift charges)         8
Centre Harbour mooring, includes one of:  running, bubble or kayak   32 135 650  


Single launch/recovery Trinity Quay


Sand Quay


Boat/bubble/RIB launch (incl. recovery) ** 7
Kayak/canoe/SUP launch ** 2.50
Kayak/canoe/SUP recovery ** 2.50
Divers air bottles each ** 4

These charges help us to maintain and improve the quays and Solva harbour for all to enjoy.

* BOAT SPACES ON QUAY – rigged sailing dinghies only – to be located on Trinity Quay lower level. No spaces on the upper level.   Subject to availability, short term use only.

** not permitted – for use by members only.

Pembrokeshire Marine Code

Protecting Marine Wildlife

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code protects marine wildlife around the coast of Pembrokeshire, through codes of conduct and agreed seasonal access restrictions that have been drawn up by conservation experts and coastal users. The codes have been agreed to preserve and protect the marine environment that makes the Pembrokeshire coastline so special.


Reduce disturbance to wildlife by…

  • Planning Ahead: Avoid sensitive areas, large concentrations of birds/seals and seasonal breeding areas. Check the agreed access restrictions maps for specific areas before you go out onto the water.
  • Knowing How to View Wildlife; By knowing recommended wildlife viewing distances, behaviour that indicates potential disturbance and suggested boat speeds, will reduce the impact on marine wildlife.
  • Keep Your Distance; Getting too close can cause stress to wildlife, egg or pup abandonment, exhaustion, or injury.
  • Reducing Speed and Sound; Reducing speed and holding a steady course will reduce disturbance, especially in regards to cetaceans; loud noises can disrupt seals and seabirds especially at pupping/moulting and nesting times


View Marine Code Guidance…

View Pembrokeshire Marine Code

View Pembrokeshire Marine Code Maps

If you have ever used the Pembrokeshire Marine Code App, we have got news for you!

We are delighted to tell you that we have been working on something exciting.

Launched in April, the free Wales Coast Explorer | Crwydro Arfordir Cymru App replaces the Pembrokeshire Marine Code App.

We have kept the same great features in the new app, while building in some new ones, and rolling them out across all of Wales!

From our land, through our estuaries, to our seas, take the coastline in your pocket with the app’s handy features:

  • Explore: Discover ancient sites and learn how to enjoy Welsh coasts.
  • Identify: Plants and animals, birds and bugs, invasive species and other wildlife too
  • Record: Become a citizen scientist by sharing your sightings – from wildlife spots to old shipwrecks.

Further details and link to download the App here

Now, through to the end of July we need to be particularly aware of nesting seabirds. Most auk species have just one egg each breeding season, so it’s very important to reduce disturbance.

For more information visit: www.pembrokeshiremarinecode.org.uk

or contact: alec.denny@pembrokeshirecoastalforum.org.uk

Solva Harbour Society Newsletter Spring 2024


SHS Newsletter SPRING 2024.

As we enter another year, the stormy winter weather continues, with Storms Elin and Fergus passing through, and more to come before the new sailing season, stressing our buildings and infrastructure and reminding us of the impact of Global Warming.

Thank you to all the members who attended the General Meeting on 9th December in The Ship, the meeting was quorate. The next General Meeting will in future be held after Lift Out, hopefully in November 2024. This fits well with our financial year end of 31st December and allows the Society to set and collect charges for the next year. In 2025 we will have a formal audit which will cost about £600.

Charges for 2024 have had to be raised to keep up with ever rising costs. Having avoided any increases for 2022 and 2023 we have had no choice but to increase charges for 2024. We have, however kept the overall rise to less than the rate of inflation for the three year period. In future we anticipate an annual rise in costs in order to remain in financial balance. This will be set at the annual Committee Budget Setting meeting in October. Shareholders are all equally accountable under FCA Rules.

Detailed accounts will be published on the website at the end of year. In brief SHS made a small loss of £5,000 in 2023 (in 2022 we had a surplus of £11,000).  On our charges for 2024 we again anticipate a small planned loss.

In 2024 we intend to spend a minimum of £8-9000 on essential repairs to the Quay walls. We are considering upgrading our toilet and shower facilities and are exploring Grant funding. We are also considering fitting solar panels to reduce our electricity bills which are in the region of £10,000 per annum.

In 2023 our expenditure was £74,000. Income from members was £11,000  and from seasonal Visitors £10,700. As of 9 December, we had £52,444 of available cash.

Every time a shareholder volunteers for a task, for example being a Steward on the Quay or joining a working party, this reduces our need to increase charges.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and President have decided not to accept any payment to help keep costs as low as possible.

The Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer, President  and Clerk meet every Wednesday for 1-2 hours to carry out day to day Management and pay bills. SHS is a small to medium sized enterprise and Community Interest Company. The Operational Group has to seek approval from Committee for any expenditure greater than £5,000 . Solva Harbour is a recognised Port, and the administrative burden is considerable, for example: Border Agency, Waste Management Plans, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Solva Community Council, HMRC, FCA, Licences, Insurers, Trinity House, the County Council, the National Parks, and the National Trust and the Welsh Cooperative Society . Membership correspondence and administration, routine maintenance and site management and enquiries from Tourists all take time and effort.

The monthly Committee Meeting now has to have a minimum of two Directors and four Committee members present to be quorate and allow business continuity.

Shareholders might like to think about joining the Committee in future to allow succession planning to take place.

Full members should be aware that if they would like a change of mooring, that they can approach the Moorings Committee in writing before the 1st January each year. There is currently scope for a few members to move further up the Harbour.

Lift In and Out dates will be announced shortly and two small social events will be planned for 2024.

On Lift In day between 10-1230hrs, the office on Trinity Quay will be open for the issue of car park and boat stickers to those eligible. Stickers will only be issued to those who have paid their fees, have insurance in place and a nominated agent. Boat stickers and Parking stickers will only be posted to shareholders on receipt of fees and footage.

Please help to reduce the administrative burden by paying on time. Payments must be made to ‘SOLVA HARBOUR SOCIETY’, see invoice for bank details. Please note: SBOA accounts are all closed! Stickers on boats and cars MUST be put in place as soon as you get them.

Shareholders are reminded that the Clerk is only present on Wednesdays in the office on Trinity Quay from 0900-1230hrs each week. Emails and communications will be replied to within seven days of receipt.

Finally, As Chairman I would like to thank the other Directors (The Treasurer and President) the Vice Chair and Committee Members, our hard working and indispensable Clerk, Nicola, and the Harbour Master for their hard work and efforts in 2023 without which the Harbour Society would not be as successful and secure.

All the best for the 2024 season.

David Phillips, Chairman SHS Ltd                                          13th Dec 2023



Solva Harbour Society News Letters

Click here to view the SHS SPRING 2024 Newsletter 

BANK TRANSFER DETAILS                                                                                                                                   

Lloyds Bank. Account Name: Solva Harbour Society Ltd, Sort Code: 30-96-26, Account  No:74926960                                                                         

Please e-mail any confirmation of payments to sboa@btinternet.com


Click here for SHS Ltd Committee 2024

News  From Solva Harbour Society

Covid 19 remains a real threat .

The Trinity Quay Slipway can only be used by members for launching boats and Visitors must keep the slipway clear for members. All dogs must be on leads and poop bagged and put in a bin.

Paddleboards and kayaks used by Visitors may not be launched or recovered from Trinity Quay, they may be launched from Sand Quay and a fee paid in the honesty box or from the Public Slipway in the Harbour Inn car park, they may not park vehicles on the Sand Quay. This is necessary to prevent congestion and accidents on the slipway.

The Public cannot park on the Trinity or Sand Quays at any time. Only Members displaying their car stickers may park on the Quay.

Limited toilet facilities are available behind Kelvin’s Shed, the Café Toilets are for customers and SHS Members only. Rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

CCTV is in place and is reviewed regularly. All members have a duty to keep the Quay safe and to report any problems.

Visitors to Solva are requested to respect the resident local population and the Environment and to remember that the Quay is a Private Quay and not public property.

The Committee wish all members and visitors a safe and enjoyable visit to the Quay.

PLEASE NOTE that Trinity Quay and the Sand Quay are private property and parking is restricted to badge holders only. Only Members are allowed to launch from Trinity Quay slip. The HM will allow quick dropping off and picking up. Members must ensure that their car stickers are displayed in a prominent position in their cars. During the summer period members have been requested to assist the HM as stewards, all members are requested to assist in this policy. As we have previously stated we should not rely on the HM or committee to police our property it is the responsibility of all members and that includes reminding people that all dogs must be on leads. We also remind people verbal and abusive behaviour is not acceptable   





  • Water to the Foreshore Boat Park will be available before lift In.

  •  THE LIFT IN FOR SOLVA provional  proposed date Thursday 11th April 2024

  • Only Members and visitors with SHS stickers are allowed to launch and recover from the slip on Trinity Quay

  • Toilets on trinity are closed .


Quay signs

The policy of the Society is that all dogs must be kept on leads whilst on the Societies property and are not allowed in any part of the clubhouse. Dogs are allowed on the balcony under supervision.


To save any embarrassment we urge you to keep your dogs on leads whilst on SHS Ltd property.

Your cooperation in these matters will be appreciated by all