The fairway follows the headland on the western edge of the harbour. This shows as a darker area on the photograph and is marked ‘FW’. Please observe the 4 knot speed limit once past the Black Rock at the harbour entrance.

Please note that ALL moorings laid in Solva harbour dry out on every tide!

When entering the harbour, skippers should always refer to up to date charts and pilots for the area. A telephone call to the Harbourmaster ahead of arrival is advisable (+44 7485 655754).

Once in the fairway visiting craft should stay in the channel/fairway, the inner end of which is marked by starboard hand ‘green buoys’, and should then turn to pick up a mooring in the area marked VM (Visitor Moorings) in the picture.  

Visiting craft may also lie against the wall at Trinity Quay (marked ‘TQ’ on the photograph), or the Sand Quay (marked ‘SQ’). The bottom is shingle in both locations. For fin keel yachts at Trinity Quay, a halyard from the masthead may be attached to a strong point on the club house for additional security.

As of this season there is a choice of the type of mooring available. Either

a)  One of the Eight RED BUOYS. These are three-part moorings comprising two head lines to seaward (Bow fixings) and one single Stern line. They are laid for prevailing wind conditions – ie moored boats generally will face to Seaward. The heavier mooring lines (Bow & Stern) are joined by a messenger rope and accessed via a single Red Buoy, which should be recovered slightly ahead of amidships – usually on the Port side.If you find the messenger rope is too short for your vessel there is a snap connector just below the head buoy. Disconnection will allow larger boats to moor. Please remember to reconnect before casting off……


b)    One of the Two YELLOW BUOYS (to seaward of the eight Red Buoys).  New this year (2023), they are single point Swinging moorings and have VISITOR MOORING – 12M or 10 Ton max marked on the top. There is a floating pick up line through which your bow ropes can be made fast. Please keep the connecting lines short (max 1-2m). These moorings will allow vessels to face wind / tide.

Both sets of moorings are on sand and the pictures below of the VM area at High and Low Tide should assist visitors.


PLEASE NOTE. All other moorings in Solva Harbour are allocated to the SHS and it’s Members and may not be used by visiting craft, even if vacant, unless previously agreed with the Harbour Master. Copies of insurance cover should be produced on request”

The Society also has a number of other moorings available at the upper end of the harbour suitable for longer stays. Please contact the Harbour Master for further details.

For current visitors quay and mooring charges please see list in Harbour Events or  CLICK HERE

Solva Harbour is a working port and hence the Trinity Quay slipway is for members only.. please remember to keep all slipways clear as they are our emergency access to and from the water.

The following facilities are provided for the use of members and visiting craft:

  • Trinity Quay slipway –  Solva Harbour Society Members only . please keep the slipway clear at all times .
  • Sand Quay slipway – open to all – Launch and recovery charges in operation, please pay in Honesty Box or search out Harbour Master on Trinity Quay – please keep the slipway clear at all times.
  • Fresh water supply
  • Toilets and showers
  • Licensed café